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Fat Joe may soon have the last laugh against his nemesis if the New York rapper accepts the bid of a social networking site that’s offering him $100,000 to broadcast a live diss against 50 Cent.

XUMANII, a social networking/ media site that allows artists to live stream their concerts and sell digital tickets, is offering to shoot and stream Joe live on their website.

According to the site Joe will be guaranteed an offer of at least 10,000 people with the $10 per ticket asking price going directly to him.

Speaking on their offer Tandy Weems, the Chief Business Development Officer of Xumani, has released a statement saying that the company has long been fans of Fat Joe’s and assured him that they do not find humor in his ailing album sales of The Dark Side Volume 1.

“It has come to our attention once again that the dismal economy has claimed another ‘’Superstar’’ recording artist such as yourself as it regards your latest efforts with record sales.  Although some may find humor in such happenings please let me assure you here at XUMANII we do not.  As a fellow New Yorker myself I have worked within the music industry for years, my partner and I have been personal fans for many years.

Additionally, Weems says that the artist will receive a minimum of $100,000 that could easily double with proper sponsorship support.

We would like to offer our cutting edge XUMANII technology with its empowering marketing features to you FREE to film and stream LIVE your next performance and offer it as a pay-per-view event that will be broadcasted on XUMANII.  With ALL ticket sales going directly to you! Marketing and promoting together with no sponsorship support XUMANII can guarantee you a minimum of 10,000 people watching and tickets sold … bringing in $100,000.00! With sponsorship support we can effortlessly double that!

The company official also made sure to ensure Joey that he’d be the one to get the “last laugh.”

“We are humbly excited to be able to lend our platform to you and to expand the awareness of The Darkside, Volume 1 album. Fat Joe be the first artist to stream a concert to be broadcasted LIVE XUMANII.  And make BANK doing so!

And with that, Fat Joe you will be the one with the last laugh.

Let’s talk, work out the details and make history together.”

Should Joey Crack do it?