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Fans of T.I. and Tiny Harris were taken for a bit of a ride after a Facebook page featuring Mrs. Harris publishing a post that threw some vicious shots towards the Atlanta rapper. According to Tiny, the Facebook page, which was officially verified, was a fake and she’s now looking into the matter with her team.

The whole situation unfolded on Sunday when the TinyHarrisVH1 Facebook page posted an article from a tabloid site which had a caption that read “When a woman’s fed up…For years I’ve been the one getting hurt, but now that a lil video done surfaced with me having a friendly dance, he’s mad??”

The “he” in question in the post is T.I. of course. The alleged imposter continued writing that Tiny should be allowed a “male friend” and made a swipe at T.I. over his dealings with women although nothing was confirmed. That male friend that Tiny was dancing with was T.I.’s rival Floyd Mayweather, and both men have been feuding of late.

The tabloid site’s attached article also featured a meme screenshot of Tiny being locked up with the caption suggesting that T.I. didn’t hold her down. The site also showed that both Tiny and Lil Wayne’s ex-wife liked the post.  That same page posted on Monday under the guise of Tiny saying that she didn’t post that particular article and that it wasn’t her.

Later, Tiny took to Twitter to clarify the chatter.

“Hey guys that facebook page is not my is fake. Not sure how they got verified but we are dealing with it now to be taking down,” she said in a tweet.

T.I. has yet to address the matter publicly.