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A Miami woman, Samantha Martinez, who was looking to make her boyfriend pay for his infidelities found herself in handcuffs for staging her own kidnapping.

According to theGrio, the ordeal began last Saturday (Dec. 3) when Martinez’s boyfriend, Jonathan Johnson, went to police stating that he had received a text from someone named “Skeet” (can’t make this stuff up), who was demanding $300 for the safe return of his girlfriend. According to the text, Martinez was supposedly being held captive due to a drug deal gone sour.

Johnson, who is homeless, had no means of coming up with the ransom money and could only sit by as he kept receiving more texts from “Skeet” and even a voicemail from a panicked Martinez.

Miami Police

Miami PD

A few days later, the abductee reappeared seemingly out of nowhere claiming to have been raped. But once she began to get questioned about the ordeal at the hospital, she folded and admitted to making up everything just to get payback on her man with the cheating heart.

Martinez explained that after learning that her man did her dirty Waka Flocka style, she shacked up with a friend out of spite and claimed to have been kidnapped to make her man sweat it out a bit. But once she saw her mug all over the news with police searching for her whereabouts, she knew the situation had ballooned way out of her hands.

Seeing that things were getting a bit too real for her she decided to give up the charade, and for her troubles she got to go home with a broken heart and a brand new record.

Photo: Miami PD

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