Bernard Hopkins is is 51-years-old. Nevertheless, the boxing legend decided to have one final fight, and things didn’t go so well. 

The Philly legend literally got knocked out of the ring by Joe Smith, Jr. To make matters worse, it looked like Hopkins fell into a void of nothingness.


Reports CBS Sports:

Joe Smith Jr. stopped Bernard Hopkins 53 seconds into the eighth round of their WBC international light heavyweight title fight Saturday night.

Smith used a six-punch combination to send Hopkins through the ropes and on to the floor, effectively ending the 51-year-old’s 28-year boxing career.

Smith successfully defended his title when Hopkins was unable to return to the ring after 20 seconds. Hopkins hit his head on the way down and twisted his right ankle — he cited the ankle as the reason he couldn’t finish. A WBC official said the injuries incurred forced a TKO.

Watch the end of the ill-fated, for B Hop, fight below.

More slander on the flip. Y’all would never see this stuff to his face—we still gotta document it, though.

Photo: screen cap

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