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Ja Rule Calls Beef With 50 Cent ‘An Unfair Situation’

Marred by the 50 Cent stigma and faltered comeback attempts Ja Rule is wiping the blood from his eye continuing to fight the good fight.

Now, finally confident that he is ready to take back center stage, Ja has a lot to say in a new interview with Vibe magazine. Though the beef has simmered Ja offered this thought on his former nemesis,

“I laugh when I see people say Isht like, “Yo, [50 Cent] kilt Rule, but he didn’t kill Ross.” No disrespect to Ross, but he did 180-something [first week sales of Teflon Don]. I went platinum with R.U.L.E. after I made Blood In My Eye. I look at Isht like that and… I don’t know, take it how you want to take it.”

Ja also spoke about incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne’s current circumstance and how he still could be facing pending legal issues for an incident that took place at the same venue Weezy was arrested.

“They locked me and Wayne up the same night. It’s been a crazy three years going through this situation. Wayne will be home in November. I’m still facing… a lot of time. So, I’ve got to mentally put my mind on it and work toward… God will see me through it.”

The Rule even offered his picks for his favorite new kids on the block, possibly also signifying that his days of controversy may be over.

“I like Drake. I like Nicki. I like the dude Tyga that’s on the Chris Brown mixtape. I like J. Cole, he doing his thing. I even like Soulja Boy. The lil N***a smart, man. He make his records and do his thing, ain’t bothering nobody. It’s too much hate in this game. Hate is for suckas, man.”

Ja is slated to drop his seventh studio album The Renaissance Project later this year and has started a new label Mpire Records, with a roster of artists that includes Push Montana, Harry O and Life.