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The Nature Boy Ric Flair is getting his very own ESPN 30 For 30 documentary. Let’s hope it’s epic as possible.

A documentary on Ric Flair’s life and times is long overdue. But it seems like we may finally get to see an in-depth look at the man behind the flair.

A trailer for his damn-near-secret ESPN 30 For 30 documentary hit the web this week and it gives us a very brief glimpse of what to expect. Although he is highly respected for his legacy, Flair has practically been a living legend his entire wrestling career.

From his early days in NWA [the wrestling league, not the rap group], his prime in WCW to his time in the WWE/WWF, Flair was the first “bad guy” or “heel” that you actually rooted for. He was obviously a great wrestler, but he was an even better sh*ttalker giving the world dozens of one-liners to feast on. “I’ve got more cars that you have friends,” is a favorite.

He has been immortalized in Hip-Hop lyrics more than a few times with both Killer Mike and Pusha T naming songs after him and using his quotes for hooks.

Word first broke about the Flair documentary last year and little has been said about it since. Even now there isn’t much information out about it. The 30 For 30 series has a winning record so far with a few misses here and there. Let’s hope this one is dope.


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