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An abundance of street credibility Soulja Boy has not. So when he went on Vlad TV and told what many felt was a fraudulent – if not Trumped up – story about that one time he shot up a burglar in his home, the internet decided the best course of action was to parody Soulja’s narrative a la Tom Cruise’s Scientology recruitment video with a #SouljaBoyChallenge.


Whether or not he’s telling the truth is up for debate, but this is Hip-Hop and one thing the people of the culture will do is mock you if they feel that you’re trying to fake the funk a little too hard.

That being the case some of today’s most well known personalities have taken it upon themselves to take part in the #SouljaBoyChallenge where each person tries their best to re-enact the much ridiculed interview.

From Joe Budden to Mike Epps to even Soulja Boy himself, the challenges have been nothing less than entertaining. Check out the videos below and know that from here on out you can’t spell SouLja without a capital “L”.

Photo: Instagram

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