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The nomination of Republican Party Senator Jeff Sessions to the role of Attorney General by President-Elect Donald Trump will be met with resistance this week in a form of hearings. Rep. John Lewis and Sen. Cory Booker will face off with sessions at the nomination hearings this week, taking the Alabama senator to task on his records and ability to do the important presidential administration job.

According to an NBC News report, this would mark the first time a sitting senator has testified against another senator in U.S. history. On Monday, Sen. Booker explained his reasoning for testifying against Sessions in saying that his record proves the potential AG could be a “real danger” to the American public in that high-profile post.

More from NBC News:

Several other prominent African-American figures in addition to Booker also plan to testify against Sessions, including two members of the House: Rep. John Lewis, D-Georgia, a leader of the civil rights movement of the 1960s; and Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-Louisiana, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus.

The NAACP has also strongly opposed Sessions’ nomination, calling him “a threat to desegregation and the Voting Rights Act.”

According to prepared remarks obtained by NBC News, Sessions will testify that he understands “the horrendous impact that relentless and systemic discrimination and the denial of voting rights has had on our African-American brothers and sisters.”

Some feel Sessions’ remarks will ring hollow considering his history of being opposed to many political ideas held high by Democrats and progressives such as illegal immigration, medical marijuana, legal abortion and the Affordable Care Act.

Sessions was a former U.S. attorney and attorney general in his home state of Alabama. In 1986, the Senate didn’t approve of his federal judge bench appointment by President Ronald Reagan due to chatter that Sessions was racist. People who support Sessions contend that much of the rumors regarding racism and sexism are just hearsay.

UPDATE: Sessions’ hearing can be seen live here via C-Span.

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