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A week after Democratic Party members of the U.S. Senate filibustered for gun control measures, House Democrats are following suit with a symbolic sit-in. The GOP-governed U.S. House of Representatives faces an equal challenge from Democrats on the issue of gun control in the wake of the Orlando shooting tragedy.

Respected Georgia Congressman Rep. John Lewis opened up the sit-in with a speech that harkened back to his Civil Rights Movement and activist roots.

As said by Rep. John Lewis:

We have turned deaf ears to the blood of the innocent and the concern of our nation. We are blind to a crisis. Where is the heart of this body? Where is our soul? Where is our moral leadership? Where is our courage?

We cannot continue to stick our heads in the sand and ignore the reality of mass gun violence in our nation. Deadly mass shootings are becoming more and more frequent.

Immediately after, the House Democrats took seats on the floor of the House with House Speaker Paul Ryan trying to diffuse the media attention surrounding the incident. So drastic was Rep. Ryan’s reaction to the sit-in that he killed the live feed into the House chambers by the C-Span network.

Much of the action of the sit-in can be followed on Twitter via the #NoBillNoBreak hashtag , and we’ve included as much information as we have below and on the following pages.

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