7. Fisk University

Although significantly smaller than many other institutions with an estimated 700 students, Fisk is continually noted for African-American achievement. Located in Nashville, Tennessee Fisk proudly says it provides an economic impact of $42 million to its surrounding community and is ranked 1st of moderately selective colleges when it comes to graduating low-income students.

6. Xavier University of Louisiana

It should be to no surprise that this historically Black Catholic school comes in at #6 with its rich history of academic achievement. Like it New Orleans counterpart Dillard, Hurricane Katrina caused several of its students to temporarily seek education elsewhere but has since bounced back. With a requirement of sixty-six hours of liberal arts core curriculum courses, Xavier offers preparation in 47 major areas on the undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree levels.

5. Tuskegee University

The pride of Tuskegee, Alabama comes in at the #5 spot with its notable alumni and academic standards. Founded in 1881 by Booker T. Washington, Skegee is the heart of its hometown. The school has a reported enrollment of 3,000 students and over 900 faculty and staff. With degrees offered in various outlets ranging from architecture to engineering to veterinary medicine, Tuskegee continues to receive high rankings and praise.

4. Hampton University

Founded in 1861 by General Samuel Chapman Armstrong, this elite Virginia University offers an “education for life.” The school has received numerous honors for its accolades which include one of only three Proton Beam therapy centers in the country and has a diverse history including its “Emancipation Oak” tree, where a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation was read to slaves for the first time on the peninsula.

Most recently President Barack Obama was the speaker for its commencement exercise in May and has since planted a sampling from the infamous Emancipation Oak at the White House.

Although it undoubtedly should be #1, Hampton University continues to promote and prove a commitment to excellence.

3. Morehouse College

Known for matriculating the likes of  Martin Luther King, Jr., Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson and Maynard Jackson, Morehouse College continues to rank highly on lists of top HBCUs. The nation’s only all-male HBCU is also one of only two Black institutions to produce three Rhodes scholars. Noted for its emphasis on tradition and with an enrollment of an estimated 3,000 students, the standards upheld by their alumni appropriately dubbed “Morehouse Men” continues to make headlines. The Morehouse legacy continues to live on with the institution previously topping Black Enterprises‘ list of top HBCUs and receiving numerous nods from the Washington Post and its counterparts alike.

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