The FBI honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on Twitter this past Monday. But no one forgot that they tried to undermine him his entire life.

Crazy how some people think social media can just erase hard facts and history. While it wasn’t always taught in history class, it is pretty common knowledge that the FBI were no friends to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his fights for civil rights. Throughout the 1960s, the bureau and its leader J. Edgar Hoover did everything they could to undermine and threaten King. Whether it was putting false information out saying he was in the Communist party or putting wiretaps in his home and on his phones to track his movements and plans, the FBI had King high on their list of people to watch and disrupt. Hell, they even wrote him a letter saying he should kill himself.

Which is why their attempt to honor King on this year’s MLK day came as a bit of a surprise.

Granted, it has been many decades since all of this happened and maybe the FBI is looking to turn a new leaf. Or maybe they sent this out on purpose to bait people into responding so they could make a new list of people keep an eye on. Either way, everyone from actual history buffs to people who just watched Selma for the first time spotted the jig and responded swiftly.

Photo: AP

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