Taxstone is settling in for a long legal battle. The host of the Tax Season podcast posted $500,000 bail and has been placed on house arrest. 

According to DNA Info New York, Taxstone’s statements from his podcast will be used against him by prosecutors.

“I can protect myself as a man, so I’m not thinking about rolling with six goons,” prosecutors quoted Campbell in the statements made prior to the shooting.

“When I see you walking up with six dudes, bang-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba…I want to embarrass somebody, and that’s why I started bullying Troy Ave, you know what I mean?”

Taxstone, born Daryl Campbell, 31,  was arrested on Monday (Jan. 17) in Brooklyn stemming from his alleged connection to the May 25, 2016 shooting in Irving Plaza. Authorities say both Taxstone and Troy Ave’s DNA was found on the gun used in the shooting, which was also the weapon that killed the latter’s bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter aka Banga, that night.

Many believe what cause the shooting was the longtime feud between Troy Ave and Taxstone.

According to Billboard, Tax already posted bail and has been placed on house arrest. He has plead not guilty to the charges against him, which included possession of a firearm by a felon.

During house arrest, he will be allowed to record his podcast and have to wear an ankle monitor.

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