And then there was one. Chrisette Michele has put it all on the line and reportedly agreed to sing at Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

As we inch closer and closer to the day that hell officially freezes over, the biggest question has become, as Snoop Dogg put it, “Which one of you jigaboo ass n*ggas gonna be the first one” to agree to perform for Donald Trump’s inauguration. 2 Chainz said he got the call, but turned them down. Then we found out a little known Gospel singer named Travis Greene got a call and he happily accepted.

But now, we have a recognizable name who has decided to cross party lines and do the dance with the devil: Chrisette Michele.

The woman who blessed us on the Rick Ross classic “Aston Martin Music” has reportedly cashed out and agreed to sing for “the Donald.”

NY Daily News reports:

Singer Chrisette Michele will join the party ushering in Trump’s presidency, according to sources close to the festivities.

We’re told that the deal was reached a week ago, but has been kept “a big secret” because Michelle’s camp feared the seven days of criticism that would surely lead up the the divisive President-elect’s big day. They became especially concerned when Jennifer Holliday, who’d committed to performing for PEOTUS last week, withdrew amidst heavy pressure on Monday, citing “a lapse of judgment.”

Our insiders say that inauguration organizers first reached out to Michele’s team asking her to perform the song “Intentional” with singers Travis Greene, Jonathan McReynolds, and Tye Tribbett — the same trio with whom she did that tune on BET’s “Celebration of Gospel” broadcast one year ago. We’re told that plan fell apart when at least two of those three singers declined the offer. But, according to our sources, Michelle agreed to sing for the Prez so long as she could perform an R&B set.

Michele’s cancellation has been pending since last year when she said she felt marching and protesting were out of style and that boycotting was counter-productive since Black people, like her, have products for sale inside large stores too.

I'm. No #PoliticalGenius Respectfully, I don't believe that a boycott is the answer. It was the answer 60 years ago. I don't believe that marches are the answer. They were the answer 60 years ago. Not when you have clothing label owners like Nicki Minaj, leading the way at chains like K-Mart. Not when you've got hair product owners like Courtney Adelye leading the way at stores like Sally's. Not when you have record label owners like myself and Janelle Mone selling music at stores like Target. Black men like Rick Ross owning Wing Stops, black men like Kasim Reed as mayor of Atlanta. Not when we finally have a black president. This is what they faught for 60 years ago. Now is not the time to destroy it. Now is the time to achieve. Now is the time to send black boys to college. Now is the time to get good grades and become the lawyers that our uncles couldn't, become the Mayor that our fathers couldn't, own the stores that we couldn't walk into. It's the time to be the greatest and most civilized we have ever been. Now is the time to attend City Hall meetings. Now is the time to vote and change laws. Now is the time to write letters to the politicians, and government. If you want to see change, speak with educated voices that we couldn't afford before. We couldn't even attend their schools. Now we receive scholarships to them. We couldn't play their sports. Now we are the first ones drafted. We couldn't walk into their venues. Now we are selling them out. Action is voting. Action is education. Action is the well spoken. It is not chaos. It is not killing. It is not anger. Action is greatness. Arise and be the greatest. That is how we must speak. Respectfully, Chrisette Michele, a law abiding citizen with the power to vote

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Michele’s camp has yet to comment on the Trump booking.

But the frying has already begun and the kitchen is smoking.

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