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Snoop Dogg is wondering who will be the first Black performer to entertain Donald Trump when he takes office. He also promises a roast for them as well.

After a night of partying with friends and several rounds of Tanqueray, Snoop Dogg took a moment to ask a serious question.

Who will be the first Black artist to cross the line and accept an invite from Donald Trump to perform at the Inauguration, or at the White House period?

In the clip, Snoop says:

So ain’t nobody gonna perform for Donald Trump, huh. Which one of you jigaboo ass n*ggas gonna be the first one to do it? I’m waiting, I’m gonna roast the f*ck out of one you Uncle Tom ass n*ggas for doing it. Which one of you gonna do it first?

He ends the clip by doing his best slave voice impersonation, saying, “I’s be’s the ones that’s performs for him suh.” Then the video pans away.

Standing next to Trump has become a hot topic as he prepares to take office. HBCU Talladega College has been catching flack for agreeing to perform in the Inauguration parade. So far, there haven’t been any reports of any Black artists even being invited to take part in the festivities. Many are already assuming that if there is a Black artist who would dare take on the challenge, it would be Trump’s “friend” Kanye West who made headlines for meeting with Trump to discuss “multicultural issues,” take a picture and get an autograph.

Any bets on who it will be?

Photo: Instagram