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Jerry Rice is undeniably one of the greatest NFL players to ever lace them up, but his post-career decision to put on his tap dance shoes for fried chicken money has many scratching their heads. Twitter caught wind of Rice in a new Popeye’s commercial wearing a helmet with a wing attached to the face mask guard, prompting a barrage of insults and unanswered questions.

Let’s take it from the top.

Rice has been recently seen shilling chicken parts for the beloved fast food franchise and largely hasn’t embarrassed himself ala Mary J. Blige’s Burger King fiasco. However, Rice ruined all hopes of a coon-free campaign after appearing in an ad wearing the so-called “Taste Mask” helmet adorned with the chicken wing and flashing a smile that’d make the Kool-Aid Man proud.

The ad is part of Popeye’s “Wingovations” campaign which shows Rice decked out in a lot of chicken-related wear. The only thing missing is him juggling pieces of white bread and singing a show tune while doing so.

Rice already got his “woke” card snatched in a matter of months.

If you must, peep the commercial below. Hit the flip to see some of the comment frying Jerry Rice to bits. Let us know if we got it right or wrong. Is Rice just having fun or is this a little too uncomfortable to watch?

Photo: Popeye’s/Screen Cap

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