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Shia LaBeouf was arrested earlier this morning at the site of his art installation project protesting President Donald Trump outside a Queens museum. According to still developing details, a fight broke out between the actor and a man who shouted praise of Adolf Hitler thus leading to the dustup.

During the live stream at the anti-Trump project, LaBeouf has been urging citizens to repeat the mantra “He Will Not Divide Us” in protest of the president. In a Twitter video recorded earlier at the site on Wednesday, LaBeouf was taking a video with a man who used that time to utter the words “Hitler did nothing wrong” which caused the actor to shove him. The man, clearly not realizing that LaBeouf is Jewish, asked why he was attacked.

The New York Daily News speculates that the moment might be where tensions escalated and police say around 12:30 a.m. this morning, a shouting match between LaBeouf and Trump supporters broke out. According to accounts, LaBeouf allegedly snatched a scarf from a man before shoving him to the ground. Police added that the earlier incident and what occurred in Astoria later were unrelated.

LaBeouf, 30, promptly posted bail for a misdemeanor assault charge and was seen hopping into a cab shouting the anti-Trump mantra once more.

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