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Legendary University of Kentucky coach John Calipari invited Drake to his new podcast for a chat that ranged between basketball, the entertainment world, and other various topics. But it was Drizzy’s mention of plans to enter the late night talk show foray that was most interesting.

Coach Calipari’s Cal Cast podcast on Thursday (Jan. 26) and the bro-love fest was at its highest levels. However, the listen was refreshing to hear the Canadian superstar speak from a deep place of humility.

The OVO boss spoke of his influences, such as Aaliyah, and shifted gears to discuss plans of some alternative career plans. He discussed his upcoming playlist project with Apple which will serve as a body of work that will, in his words, “bridge the gap” between his major releases in lieu of a mixtape.

Beyond music, Drake envisions himself in the vein of a talk show host like Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert. He’s already proven he’s got the acting and comedic timing chops during stints on SNL and he’s going to be hosting this year’s NBA Awards according to reports.

“My end goal, crazy enough, another person I really look up to and a point in time that I miss is Johnny Carson and just the appeal of that sexy late night TV that’s funny. As I continue along this journey, I hope to get there one day, as well, where I get to just put on amazing suits each night,” Drake said.

Check out the Cal Cast chat in the clip below.

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