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Steve Harvey felt the wrath of Black Twitter last week after he took a meeting with President Donald Trump and got promptly dragged for it. The comedian and host took to his radio program to address the jabs Black Twitter took at him with a few swipes of his own.

On Friday’s episode of The Steve Harvey Morning Show, the host took umbrage at Twitter calling him out his name and returned fire. While Harvey acknowledged that meeting with Trump probably wasn’t in the best interests of keeping his show atop the ratings, he said he did so to get to the bottom of the incoming president’s intentions for the nation. Still, the relentless slander got to be too much for Harvey and he gave the outside chatter a piece of his mind.

“You got to do something you can’t just complain about it.

But I got one message just for black people … because I have the right to. Because I been black for 60 years. Half of y’all talking about me ain’t been on this earth no time and don’t know what we had to do to even get here. But you sit behind your computer like you really all that, you type about us and you don’t even know us. Now you talking about me!”

You can check out Steve Harvey unleashing the fire today on this radio show by checking out the 15:25 mark or so in the clip below.

Photo: Twitter