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Kirk Franklin does not play. A troll tried to come for Franklin with a threat to his daughter, and the Gospel musician threatened him with a gun fade, in the name of Jesus. 

It started when Franklin tweeted about Cheeto Jesus Muslim ban yesterday (Jan. 28.)

“I am a Christian who would rather sit at the table with a Muslim brother than ban him from a home that wasn’t originally mine…,” tweeted Franklin.

A troll came out of the muck, and threatened Franklin’s progeny. “I trust u’ll be leaving ur doors unlocked tonight. Oh & ur brothers want to know if u have a daughter,” wrote @historycarper.

To this, Kirk came back with the fire and brimstone.

“yes I have a daughter and the ability to protect her,” tweeted Franklin. “Please come so I can have a reason to introduce you to it in Jesus name.”

Does this mean Kirk has the Draco? Does he have the surveillance system ready like Louis Rankin in Belly? Does it sound like Gospel when he lets the chopper spray?

Whatever the case, it goes without saying that Black Twitter is having a field day with this one.


Photo: screen cap

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