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Rumors were recently swirling that Leonardo DiCaprio was being targeted to star as Tony Montana in Universal’s reimagining of Brian De Palma’s cult classic, Scarface (Hollywood legend or not, the Latino community was still up in arms). Not it’s being reported that instead of once again white-washing the role, they’re going with Latino star Diego Luna.

According to Variety, the Star Wars: Rogue One star is set to take on the role of that gave Al Pacino the “Good For Life” Hood Pass, and things are beginning to look interesting for the remake.

Unfortunately, while the film has found its movie’s star in Luna, it’s also lost its director as Antoine Fuqua has left the project.

Inside sources say that the Training Day director left the film in order to work with Denzel Washington on a sequel to the 2014 film, The Equalizer.

Though Fuqua really wanted to be at the helm to film Tony Montana taking over streets, he’d spent too much time developing the script for the sequel to The Equalizer and didn’t want to walk away from it.

The new Scarface will depart from the original stories told in both the 1932 and 1983 versions and will be set in Los Angeles where a Mexican immigrant will rise to power through the drug trade when he isn’t illegally voting in more than one state. We kid, we kid.

Seriously though, don’t be surprised if Donald Trump promotes this new fictional film as a documentary to further justify using US tax dollars to build his ridiculous wall.

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