Donald Trump just gave his first interview as President of the United States ahead of and during the intense Super Bowl LI contest between the victorious New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. President Trump went off the rails as he praised Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Pats quarterback Tom Brady, and delivering a series of seemingly unfocused answers.

President Trump, known for speaking off the cuff, was in that same form for the interview with Jim Gray of Westwood One Sports Radio ahead of the football game. The interview aired in two segments and there are some incredible doozies in the chat. Notably, Trump’s use of the word “terrific” and other limits to his vocabulary are on broad display and the connection he supposedly has with Brady and the Patriots looks to be a thing that exists in his head.

From the interview:

Q Have you communicated with Tom Brady or Bill Belichick this week? And if so, what advice have you given them?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I don’t have to give them advice. These are champions. These are winners, they know how to win. And I speak to them on occasion, but I don’t have to really speak very much about winning. They know how to do it. And it’s a lot of pressure on them, but probably less so because they’ve been there and they’ve done it before. So more pressure always on the ones that haven’t done it.

Q Mr. President, how do you feel about the abuse that’s being directed to Tom Brady because he’s a friend of yours?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I haven’t seen it. I mean, honestly, I’ve been so busy doing other things I haven’t seen that. I haven’t noticed it. But I can tell you that, generally speaking, that’s a two-way street. There may be some people that aren’t liking the fact that he may feel good about me, but there are a lot of other people that like him a lot better because of it.

So that really has proven to be a two-way street. There have been many instances of that, where people have sort of said — a little bit negative about whatever it may be, even a store or a chain, and the chain’s business goes through the roof. I mean, we’ve had cases like that too. So it really is a two-way street, Jim.

Other lowlights include Trump’s odd praising of Putin and Russia in general, which also includes segue into the pair being golfing partners soon. To read the entire interview or, if you must, listen to the painfully awkward chat, follow this link or listen below.

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