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Nick Cannon may have just uncovered one of television’s biggest secrets.

By now, we all know about the numerous sexual assault allegations that have been brought against Bill Cosby. The allegations and the court dates surrounding them have drove the man to going blind and all signs point to his once legendary life ending with a bad reputation.

But, Nick Cannon feels that none of us should have been surprised when these things came to light about Cosby. He says that the “Dr. Cliff Huxtable” character that he played on his iconic TV sitcom The Cosby Show should have tipped us off a long time ago.

In an interview on The Donald Stern Show, Cannon points out Dr. Huxtable’s profession and work place as red flags.

Cannon argues:

“He was giving you those signs from day one, y’all was just hypnotized by those f*cking sweaters. Think about Dr. Huxtable. What kind of doctor was he? A gynecologist! Where was his office? In his fuckin’ basement! Don’t sh*t good go down in the basement! B*tches was coming in and out of the basement all episode, and nobody said shit.”

It’s just a joke, but wow, Cannon does make a point. Maybe his upcoming stand-up special on Showtime will be funny after all.

Check out Cannon’s interview and a preview of the special below.

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