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The Game was accused of kicking a group of women out of his home because they were dark-skinned. He says they were removed because they were strangers.

The Game hosted a private Super Bowl party in the comfort of his own home where only 20 friends, family members and close associates were invited. But of course, anytime word spreads that a famous rapper is throwing a party, a few uninvited guests wind up there.

The Game says that as he noticed there were some unfamiliar faces in his home, he asked around to see if they knew anybody. When it was confirmed that they did not know anyone, they were asked to leave. However, one of the women is claiming that she was asked to leave only because of the color of her skin.

The unidentified woman claims that The Game’s cousin approached her and her friend and said that “dark meat” should not have been brought to the party.

But Game is saying that wasn’t the case at all. He insists that he did have small talk with the women, offered them fresh pairs socks [Polo at that] during their visit and even some food. But after realizing that he had complete strangers in his home, he asked that they be removed and that their skin color had nothing to do with it.

Were any rules really violated here? Whether or not skin color was a factor, it’s simply a case of someone kicking an unwanted guest out of their home. That’s legal.