Larry Wilmore may not be on television every night anymore, but he made his time on HBO’s Real Talk With Bill Maher count.

For the online-only Overtime segment of the show, Wilmore was included on a panel that also featured intelligence expert Malcolm Nance and former U.S. Representative [GA] Jack Kingston and controversial Brietbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos.

Many people were queasy over the thought of Maher inviting Milo on the show to begin with given his track record of insulting and flat-out lying about various issues. Not to mention him being the person behind Saturday Night Live’s Leslie Jones nude photos leak.

As the panel discussed transgender rights and whether or not men who consider themselves women should be allowed to enter women’s restrooms, Milo said that transgender people are responsible for most of the sex crimes in America. When he was questioned about where he was getting his statistics from, he responded by telling the rest of the panel they were “stupid.”

Wilmore was not there for it.

After having his intelligence insulted, Wilmore simply responded with, “you can go f*ck yourself.” The crowd applauded the clapback. One, because it was needed. Two, because Wilmore did what many thought Maher was going to do.

Watch below.

Photo: Screenshot

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