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Redman sat down with gift-giving interviewer Nardwuar backstage at a show in Vancouver.

While it wasn’t one of Nardwuar’s longest interviews, his chat with Redman still contained plenty of gems and even some advice for up and coming artists and show promoters.

The interview starts with Nardwuar lacing Red with some vintage Cheech & Chong memorabilia that he greatly appreciated. From there they talked about the impact that women MCs like MC Lyte and Heather B. have had on his career.

But the best part comes when Red starts talking about how to save a bad show. While prided himself on the fact of never having an absolutely bad show, he did admit there were times when he simply had a “different” connection with the audience. He attributed those instances to times when show promoter didn’t market the show to an audience that would appreciate his music. He also gave young artists on how to keep a connection with the crowd no matter how tough it may be.

His go-to tactic in that situation is throwing water. Check out the interview below.

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