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Donald Trump is the real life Ron Burgundy

It seems like the President will read and believe anything you put in front of him, as long as it favors him.

The latest instance comes from a report that states Trump based his accusations of Barack Obama having wiretaps put in his office off of a Breitbart News article. In case you didn’t know, Breitbart News isn’t the most reliable source when it comes to news, or anything that is actually true.

The Associated Press reports:

Radio host Mark Levin voiced without evidence the idea that Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower. That accusation was picked up the next day by Breitbart News, the site formerly run by Trump’s current chief strategist Steve Bannon.

An aide placed that piece in Trump’s daily reading pile, said a White House official, who like other aides would not be named discussing the president’s private routine. Fueled by that report on Saturday, Trump unleashed a series of jaw-dropping tweets that accused his predecessor of spying on him.

“It’s not the normal Beltway echo chamber. This is a very different echo chamber: Something will bounce from cable to the internet to Trump,” said Berkovitz, the communications professor.

The president’s clip file is assembled by junior aides, though senior staffers occasionally slip in an article they want him to see. Often he’ll sit with staff and use a Sharpie marker to scrawl instructions — or complaints to push back on — on the pages.

When Trump hopped on Twitter to make these claims, he didn’t have any proof. Now he’s asking Congress to find proof for him. Meanwhile, many are hoping and wishing that Obama sues him for libel and starts the process of impeachment.