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Young Dolph survived a shooting attack in Charlotte last month thanks to his bulletproof SUV. Now he’s addressing the incident with a mixtape.

Young Dolph has been pretty quiet about the time he got shot at 100 times while in Charlotte for the CIAA tournament. He’s told reporters “I want to talk about it, but I can’t,” but now it looks like he’s finally ready to speak on it.

The Memphis rapper just announced that he will be dropping an entire mixtape dedicated to the shooting.

Titled Bulletproof, the mixtape features a cover with Dolph standing in front of the SUV that he reportedly spent $600,000 to have armored. The tracklist when broken down, reads like a story that says, “100 shots in Charlotte but im bulletproof so f*k ’em thats who i feel im so real i pray for my enemies im everything you wanna be so thats why you envy me smh.”

He’s already dropped one song, “That’s How I Feel” featuring Gucci Mane, on Soundcloud. The entire project will be available on April 1.

Do you believe this story or does this smell like a publicity stunt? After all, if there’s one thing Memphis rappers know how to do, is create publicity stunts.

  1. 100 shots
  2. in Charlotte
  3. but im bulletproof
  4. so fuk ’em
  5. thats how i feel (f. Gucci Mane)
  6. im so real
  7. i pray for my enemies
  8. im everything you wanna be
  9. so thats why you envy me
  10. smh