Everything is Nicki Minaj’s fault. According to Meek Mill, who clearly never listened to Rick Ross’ advice, the YMCMB Barbie has been paying specific blogs to “discredit” him. 

The Philly rapper took to Instagram to make his accusations, on a BallerAlert post.

“Y’all be hating with y’all corny ass captions … this a club and I’m not performing I’m just letting the 2300 people that came to club hear me…”

For the record, there was no caption that played Meek. It was a promotional post for a party he was hosting. But anyway, he continued…

“Y’all bum ass internet hoes being paid by Nicki lol to try to Discredit my name @karencivil @balleralert,” he typed. “My sister tryna catch up wit y’all cornball ass b*tches … this my last time speaking on y’all miserable ass clowns.”

Doesn’t that sound like a threat? Does Meek not know that he is still on probation and someone probably forwarded this to his parole officer the moment he posted it?


He wasn’t done coming for Karen Civil, who once dated a Dreamchasers member named Deen.

“Karen I got the tape of ya corny ass saying Nicki paying y’all for this geek sh*t,” added Meek.

Get in the studio and off social media, Meek. Better yet, call your lawyers, because the St. Louis debacle is even more serious.

See Baller Alert’s clapback on the flip.

[H/T Bossip]


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