Mike Will-Made It Still Wants To Work With Him

“Mike, he ain’t really like my trap music. [Laughs] At all! My whole career, he been like, “Bro, I want you to do pop music. When you ready to start doing this shit again, holler at me.” I had no budget and I was throwing scarves on my face [in the early videos] and goddamn trying to be looking all mysterious and shit. And he’s like, “Yeah man, that shit was cool as fuck. You had capes on like a superhero.”

He’d be all the way in meetings with Jimmy Iovine. We’d be arguing on the phone. Like, “How am I gon’ do that, Mike? Look at me, I’m from the southside, I sell drugs, who the fuck gon’ be trying to hear all this goddamn Prince shit from me? I’m fucking 240 pounds. How am I gonna fit into some sick ass boots right now?” But I guess he hears that thing in there. Like, “Yo shit is authentic. That real pain in your voice. You really be crying in there, huh?” I’m like, “Yeah, I do!” [Laughs]”

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