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Details are emerging on what exactly happened when Fetty Wap was the victim of an early morning robbery and shootout at a Paterson, NJ deli this weekend. It turns out the culprit(s) are magnificently making the police’s job easier.

Raheem Thomas, aka Fuzz, has been arrested for his involvement and charged with gun possession and aggravated assault.

It turns out he was on video disparaging Fetty Wap after a visit to Sirius XM late last year. TMZ caught up with Fuzz, who said he was getting blackballed by Fetty.

There are already claims online that it was Fuzz who snatched Fetty’s chain. Yes, that would mean Fuzz is the same guy who took to Instagram, in a mask, to flaunt the rapper’s chain being in his possession.

Fuzz’s issue seems to be that he helped put Fetty Wap on, but hasn’t been appreciated for his efforts.

Considering three people got shot, now he’ll be explaining his struggle to a judge sooner than later.

Now there is footage of the confrontation (see on the flip). Reportedly, Fetty’s 1738 chain had already been pilfered but there was a face off in the deli. Fuzz can be seen holding a gun in his right hand while everyone runs for cover.


Photo: TMZ

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