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Is “actress” the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Rihanna? No matter, because the Bajan Pop star portrayed Marion Crane (first seen in the OG Psycho film) in the final season of A&E’s Bates Motel.

By now you should be aware that Marion Crane caught the murder fade in the original film. But was that her fate this go around?


Reports The Grio:

When the shower scene kicked off, it looked like we were going to get the Psycho murder scene that made Marion Crane famous, complete with the character of Norman watching her shower through a peephole. As the suspense built, Marion thought she heard a sound outside, but then the scene changed from its Psycho counterpart.

Deciding she’d had enough of this creepy place, Rihanna‘s Marion stepped out of the shower and declared, “Screw this s - - t,” before leaving, proving once again that Rihanna makes everything that much better when she’s a part of it.

But fans still got a shower stabbing scene, just not the one they were expecting. Norman ended up confronting Marion’s cheating boyfriend, Sam, and stabbing him to death in the shower, complete with the blood on the tiles as well as the shot of Sam’s unmoving hand.

But in Bates Motel, things ended a bit differently after Rihanna hops in the shower.


Photo: screen cap