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Bernice King had perhaps the best response to the ill-advised Pepsi ad that featured Kendall Jenner trying to bridge the gap between protesters and cops with a can of soda pop. The daughter of civil rights icon Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. posted an image of her late father and threw a shot at the beverage company in brilliant fashion.

Pepsi’s advertisement of a raucous demonstration being shut down in the most unrealistic fashion ever prompted a flurry of outrage, forcing the company to pull the spot and apologize. King’s tweet was among those who responded, using an image of her father at a similar peaceful protest clashing with police with a photoshopped image of Pepsi in the image. The photo was captioned “If only Daddy would have known about the power of #Pepsi.”

Adding an eerie twist of fate, the Pepsi spot aired on the same day that Rev. King was assassinated in Memphis, Tenn. back in 1968. Ms. King’s tweet has been shared over 120,00 times and growing.

Photo: screen cap