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Struggle magnet Sean Kingston is facing another Rolex related lawsuit. This time for writing rubber checks.

TMZ reports that Kingston bought a $46,000 Rolex watch back in June 2013. Norman Silverman Diamonds says Kingston paid $10,000 upfront for the watch and sent $36,000 a few days later to have the watch shipped to one of his business associates.

Surprise, Kingston got his watch, but the check bounced like a deadbeat dad.

Kingston did temporarily resolve the situation by paying another $15,000 on the timepiece three months later in September 2013. But he hasn’t paid on it since. Which is why Norman Silverman has filed a lawsuit demanding the remaining $21,000 balance as well as money for damages and lawyer fees.


In case you are wondering, no, your mind is not playing tricks on you. This is the second that Kingston has been sued for not paying for a Rolex watch. Around the same time last year, a Florida jeweler accused him of coming in to trade in his old Rolex for a new one but not paying the balance that was left over. Also, last August he was sued by a New York City jeweler for not paying for jewelry that he flaunted on Instagram.

All of these cases start with Kingston being allowed to tell the jewelers “I’ll pay the rest later.” So our question is, who is really to blame here?