James Onuigbo, a 21-year-old student at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts, has become a viral sensation after a clever tweet he sent to the school. Onuigbo, who has aims of being a stand-up comic, used Twitter to post a clever comeback to his school’s request to tell a joke so that he can host Bridgewater’s annual “Springfest” event.

On Tuesday (April 4), Onuigbo posted a tweet asking Bridgewater to not spend money on a known comic or celebrity to host Springfest but instead hire him.

“Hey @BridgeStateU don’t spend money on a stand-up comedian for Springfest this year I’ll do it #VerySerious,” the 21-year-old wrote. The school responded with, “Tell me a joke” to which Onuigbo responded by writing “Financial Aid.”

As reported by Buzzfeed News, the tweet got immediate approval from the masses, with one third-year student who never been to Springfest saying he’d attend if Onuigbo got the invite. Buzzfeed spoke with Onuigbo, who said the school’s social media director liked the joke and is considering putting him on the stage.

Onuigbo is kind of right, financial aid is a bit of a joke. Good luck to getting onstage at Springfest!

Photo: Twitter