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Jeffrey Lord, a CNN political commentator known to swing off the sack of Cheeto Trump went full headass today (April 13). While on national TV he called the “alleged” POTUS the “Martin Luther King, Jr. of healthcare.”

Let’s keep in mind that Trump was sued by the feds for housing discrimination, and settled, bragged about sexual assault and has called for the banning of Muslims from entering the U.S.. Also, he has the vocabulary of a grade schooler.

Meanwhile, MLK enrolled into Morehouse when he was just 15, was a Nobel Peace Prize winner, is an icon of the Civil Rights Movement and was assassinated for his work.

Props to Symone Sanders for eloquently explaining Lord’s tomfoolery to his face. Jeffrey Lord should not be on anyone’s television making such asinine statements. Especially on CNN.

Peep more reactions below and on the flip.

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