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Talib Kweli has become just as known for his strong opinions along with still having the ability to release quality music projects. While en route to a flight, the Brooklyn rapper was asked his thoughts on President Donald Trump‘s first 100 days in office and offered a shocking theory as to how the business mogul rose to power.

Kweli was confronted by TMZ cameras and while he kept it moving the entire time, the veteran MC used the moment to express some interesting angles. He said that the bar is set lower for Black people, so that’s why President Barack Obama’s two terms in office were so difficult. Kweli mentioned deftly that while Mr. Obama was called a liar in his face by a congressman, President Trump lies every day and nobody’s calling him out for it.

But what was especially head-turning was the moment Kweli said that Trump’s election was America’s payback for a “n*gga president” and was asked would he ever sit down with the sitting president. While Kweli initially refused, he did eloquently state that Trump would have to address marginalized communities directly and learn more about them instead of dictating to them.

Check out Talib Kweli and his thoughts on President Donald Trump’s presidency via TMZ’s video coverage in the clip below.