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Talib Kweli has asked his long time friend and musical associate Kanye West to “come back home” after his latest concert rant.

Kanye West is currently at risk of losing his last ounces relevancy with Hip-Hop heads and Black folks in general. He’s been ranting in interviews and concerts for years now, but his latest episodes where he said he would’ve voted for Trump and later on called out Beyonce and Jay Z by name seem to be the straws that broke the camel’s back. Everyone from your cousin to Snoop Dogg has had something to say about the latest Kanye rant and most of their remarks feature some variant of “this n*gga crazy.”

But, where most of the statements have attacked West, Talib Kweli has chosen to take a higher road and simply advise Kanye to “come back home.”

In a series of tweets Kweli got at Kanye directly reminding him that he is still loved, but is definitely in need of a chin checking followed by a hug.

Photo: Instagram

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