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The Art Of Felatio

Our sister site Madame Noire has unveiled their weekly sex column “Girl On Top”

Peep Their Tips On The Art Of Felatio:

1. Pucker Up: It’s called sucking package for a reason! Wrap your lips around the shaft (and the testicles, if he is receptive) and use the suction powers of your mouth to both draw him in and release him. Change up the amount of pressure in your pout and it will create a special sensation for him.

2. Tongue Twister: The top and underside of your tongue have two very different textures: the former is rougher, due to your raised taste buds and the latter is softer and smoother. While licking, switch back and forth between the two different sides to create a subtle, yet pleasing change for him.

3. Go Deep: You know that a lot of men like that whole Going Deep thing, when you take the entire shaft of the penis into your mouth (and if he’s even on the small side of average, it should be at least near your throat as you do this, hence the name).

It’s not always easy, however, especially if he’s particularly long and/or thick. You have a gag reflex for a reason and the last thing you want to do is spit up on someone while trying to be Karrine Steffans. Pace yourself with this move until you’ve gotten comfortable.

Open your mouth wide as you can, pushing your tongue all the way to the bottom of your mouth; this gives homeboy as much room as possible in there and gives you the ability to keep him from banging against your tonsils.

If you feel uncomfortable, or like you are going to choke or vomit…STOP! Adjust your position. It shouldn’t feel bad for you!

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