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Jordan Peele’s Get Out was the movie that Black people loved earlier this year. But this alternative ending may have been too much to swallow.

If you didn’t treat yourself to watching Get Out at a Black movie theater. You missed out. We won’t spoil it for you if you have yet to see it. But, let’s just say that the ending deserves to be talked about during Black History Month, every year.

However, Peele has revealed that he wrote two alternative endings that were not used. Up until now he’s only talked about them and urged people to pick up the DVD when it hits stores to see it. But, one of them have made it to the internet and we are glad this one hit the cutting room floor.

Here, Chris winds up getting arrested after he did what he had to do to get out of theĀ Armitage house and out of the “sunken place.” His friend Rod from TSA tries to get him out of jail, but fails. So now Chris ends up doing a life sentence.

Crazy thing is, this ending actually sounds more realistic that the one we all cheered for. Check it out below.

Get Out hits stores on May 23.