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Spike Lee has never been one to not speak his purest thoughts and did so again regarding President Donald Trump. In a recent interview, the veteran filmmaker said that he isn’t claiming the former business mogul as the leader of the nation among other choice terms.

Lee sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for an exclusive, wide-ranging chat at this year’s Cannes Film Festival covering a bevy of topics including the Brooklyn director’s debut of Do The Right Thing nearly three decades ago at the festival. Lee’s thoughts on Trump, however, took center stage as the president is wrestling with turmoil from the White House.

THR reports:

Speaking of the president, any thoughts?

He’s not my president. I call him Agent Orange. There was some clip I saw yesterday of him dancing with the Saudis that was just ludicrous. Not only is he not a good president, he can’t dance either. (Laughs.) He could be impeached on his rhythm. He’s the clown with the nuclear codes.

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