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This is probably the Whitest thing you will read all week.

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that 18-year old White Supremacist Devon Arthurs killed two of this three Ne0-Nazi rooomates for disrespecting his decision to convert to Islam.

Repeat. A White Supremacist converted to Islam and murdered two Neo-Nazis for disrespecting his newfound faith.

According to police, Arthurs was upset with the Islamophobia running rampant through the world and decided that he would bring attention to the issue by killing two Neo-Nazis in the name of Islam.

He reportedly told police, “I had to do it. This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country.”

“Your country?” Reminder, Arthurs is a White male from Florida.

He wasn’t done there though. Arthurs also held three people hostage at a local smoke shop and threatened to kill them also. One hostage escaped and alerted officials. Police arrived on the scene and talked Arthurs into releasing all of the hostages before they finally arrested him.

When police investigated Arthurs home, they found rooms full of bomb making supplies and pictures of American terrorist Timothy McVeigh hanging on the walls.

Arthurs is facing two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault and three counts of armed kidnapping.

Photo: Tampa Police

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