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Wale seems to have time for every time Tomi Lahren tweets.

In the latest chapter of what has been one of the weirder, but entertaining, internet beefs this year Wale clapped on Lahren for no damn reason. But Twitter loves that he did it.

The currently unemployed political analyst hopped on Twitter to give her best shot at the #RollSafe meme while defending President Trump.

While plenty of people sent their own shots and bits of historical data at Lahren, Wale came in with a bulldozer, using one of our favorite quotes from the movie Friday.

In case you missed it, Wale is referring to Lahren’s dismissal from her job at The Blaze for saying she was “pro-choice.” Out of all of the outlandish things she said, it was a women’s reproductive rights comment that got her fired, go figure.

As soon as Wale sent the clapback, the focus shifted from Trump’s job to Lahren’s lack of one, at the moment.

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