Papoose posted a picture of himself and Rick Ross on Instagram and now people are assuming things.

Pap just dropped the remix to his song “Back On My Bullsh*t” with a guest verse from Rozay. Just in case some of his fans didn’t decipher the lyrics upon hearing it, he posted the lyrics on Instagram. But it seems like the move has only confused people.

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This summer I'm only riding in CONVERTIBLES SON I'm signed to MMG money MURDER AND GUNS I knew Ross was official I knew him a LONG TIME cause he took off his shades just so he can look in my EYE BACK WITH REMIX heard u BACK IN THE PRECENT quit YAPPING YOU WEAKLING PACKING A MEAN GRIP AUTOMATIC WITH 3 CLIPS you RAP WITH A WEAK CLICK STACKING SOME MEAN CHIPS I spent a RACK ON A CLEAN WHIP I'll get it BACK WHEN THE KEYS FLIP Graham's bag em we Saran Wrap em out in Manhattan you don't HAVE TO BELIEVE IT MARRIED THE QUEEN CHICK she be keeping the KING LIT I be GRABBING HER CLEAVAGE CLAPPING THEM LEACHES when the RATCHET UNLEASHES I BLAST EM TO PIECES FAST WHEN IM REACHING leave u PARAPLEGIC wavy ON THAT MAX B SHIT bout it bout it MASTER P BITCH you get DEFEATED we the mafia like the THREE SIX the KINGPIN I have a ACTUAL REASON stop you MAGGOTS FROM BREATHING no pass-afire I was passing fire arms fired cronz when you RAPPERS WAS TEETHING TRAPPING AND EATING got em BACK ON THE DEFENSE I be HAVING THEM SPEECHLESS fly and flashy got em aggy say they sending shots at me but I HAVEN'T RECEIVED IT 📓 🔥🔥 Papoose feat @richforever @jaquae who can recite these lyrics ???? I'm reposting let's go 💪🏿

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He opens his verse with the lines, “This summer I’m only riding in convertibles son/ I’m signed to MMG money murder and guns/I knew Ross was official. I knew him a long time…he took off his shades just so he can look in my eye.”

Since Pap said the words “I’m signed to MMG” people are assuming that he is the newest member of the label that also includes Meek Mill and Wale. Obviously, they sped right past the part when he says “money, murder and guns.”

Rozay himself has yet to make an announcement saying Pap is on MMG. But people can dream, right?