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LeBron James knows all the words to Future’s “March Madness.”

You’re about to go the NBA Finals for the seventh year in a row, hoping to repeat against the team you beat last year, who also happened to add perhaps the only player that’s almost as good as you. What do you do?

Go to a Future concert and wild out.

Video has surfaced of LeBron James enjoying Future’s anthem like the rest of us. The clip shows James rapping words word for word. In fact, he’s so masterful with the lyrics he changes one of the words without missing a beat. Instead of saying “I’m the one that’s living lavish, Like I’m playing for the Mavericks,” ‘Bron changes it to “Cavs.”

This isn’t the first time LeBron has been seen turning up to the song. In the 2015 Finals he was seen warming up to the song before Game 3.