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Lil B has some good news for Houston Rockets guard James Harden.

The Bay Area rapper tells ESPN that he is officially lifting the curse he put on the All-Star shooting guard. In case you missed it, Lil B put a curse on Harden some years ago after accusing him of stealing his “cooking dance” and not paying him proper respect.

Lil B first put the curse on Harden last season. The result was Harden becoming notorious for turnovers and getting blasted out of the first round of the NBA playoffs by the Golden State Warriors. But now, B says that he is moving on and lifting the curse.

It seems that B’s curses and blessing actually work. Kevin Durant was the original victim of one of Lil B’s curses. B cursed Durant for calling his music wack and he failed to win a NBA Championship let alone get to the Finals ever since. Last summer, B lifted the curse when KD signed with his favorite team, the Warriors. Now, KD and the Dubs seem poised to win the championship.

B even made it official by taking a picture with KD’s mother aka “the real MVP.”

Let’s see if Harden’s fortunes will improve after this revelation. He already had the best year of his career after breaking up with Khloe Kardashian.