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This alternative ending to the 1992 classic film Juice changes everything you thought about the movie.

Twenty-five years ago, movie watchers were perplexed after seeing the climatic ending of Juice starring Omar Epps and Tupac Shakur. They didn’t know if they wanted to cheer for the murderous villain Bishop plummeting to his death, or shed tears for Q having to watch his friend die.

But now, with the movie being re-released on Blu-Ray to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary, fans are sure to feel a new range of emotions after watching the alternative ending.

Director Ernest R. Dickerson says that the original ending had Bishop essentially killing himself. If you remember, the final scene had Q holding on to Bishop as he dangled from the top story of a building, but losing his grip and watching him fall into the darkness. However, in this alternative ending, we see Bishop letting go of the grip when he hears police sirens because he’d rather die than go to jail. This decision correlates with the impact that prison had on Bishop’s father.

In prior interviews, it was revealed that the film’s producers forced Dickerson into going with the ending that we know because original version didn’t go well with test audiences.

Check it out for yourself below. The 25th-anniversary edition of Juice is available now.