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Kevin Durant finally won an NBA Finals and even earned a Finals MVP trophy. But people are still clowning him for how he did it.

When former NBA MVP Kevin Durant announced that he was joining the 2014-15 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, just one season after they won an NBA record 73 games, people obviously felt a way about it. But now that he did exactly what he set out to do, the feelings are getting even rawer.

While the win and the feeling are still fresh, it will take some time to see if people will forever put an asterisk on Durant’s Finals victory. As for now, the internet is still calling him all kinds of b*tches and snakes. There’s a good chance that none of these people actually watch basketball or had a favorite team in the Finals though.

Before you peep the hate, take a look at Durant celebrating his victory with “the real MVP,” his mother.


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