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Gilles is an entertainment attorney. But he’s also an MC. Don’t be mad at him for being good at both.

Throughout the history of Hip-Hop, rappers have claimed to be hustlers, pimps, “bosses” and a ton of other things that don’t really have anything to do with skills. On the flipside of that, many fans don’t consider an artist to be completely successful until they’ve also become an actor, producer, label executive, author or even a filmmaker.

Atlanta rapper Gilles presents a unique case though. Although he raps, he still maintains a 9-to-5 as an entertainment lawyer. He sees nothing wrong with that, and neither should you. HipHopWired caught up with Gilles and got him to tell his story of how he first fell in love with Hip-Hop, how he maintained that love through law school and how being an attorney has not only led to him landing some dope features, but keeping him from signing bad deals as well.