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All Eyez On Me producers and directors LT Hutton and Benny Boom appeared on The Breakfast Club to set the record straight on the most anticipated film of the summer.

The long-awaited Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me will finally hit movie theaters this Friday. Just like the man the movie is about, the film has been swirling in controversy. First, there was the revolving door of directors that included Antione Fuqua, John Singleton and then eventually Benny Boom. Then there was the presumed release dates that came and went. Then there was the time The Game’s manager Wack 100 had some highly questionable remarks about Pac’s portrayal. Then there was the time that Singleton himself said that All Eyez On Me was going to be “f*cked up” because he wasn’t involved.

However, through all of the crossed-arms and question marks, Hutton and Boom got the movie done and even got the official stamp from both Sean “Diddy” Combs and Suge Knight. The movie has also got blessings from friends and family of ‘Pac who were there for all of his ups and downs.

But if we are to trust the recent interview Hutton and Boom did with The Breakfast Club, we should be thanking God Almighty that John Singleton was removed from the film. According to Hutton, it sounds like Singleton was going to have scenes that fell between sci-fi and porno.

Hutton says that Singleton wanted to open the film with a scene of ‘Pac being in the studio with a friend. The friend is on the couch receiving oral sex, while ‘Pac is trying to get some anal sex from a white woman. When the woman denies him, ‘Pac’s character says “Go home and tell your dad you got f*cked by a n*gga today.”

Whether or not that kind of scene happened in real life is up for debate. Crazy sex has been a part of the Tupac story for years. Even in the acclaimed Tupac Resurrection documentary, we saw real life footage of ‘Pac appearing to plan a bathroom threesome with a White woman and his close friend Treach of Naughty By Nature. But, to open a biopic with that kind of scene? Where could the movie possibly go from there?

Other Singleton scenes Hutton brought up were ones of ‘Pac being raped in prison, talking to his own severed head and there was even a scene of his mother Afeni Shakur being involved in a threesome.

“There were a multitude of things that he wanted to do that just weren’t flattering to Tupac himself,” said Hutton, adding that he felt “embarrassed” by what he was reading. “It was almost like, ‘What are you doing?’ You knew what was going on, and now you want to defame the guy. Not on my watch.”

20 years after his death, ‘Pac’s Life still gets talked about more than most rappers who are still alive. Whether it’s funny stories from friends like Ed Lover or fierce critics like Funkmaster Flex, we still get new bits of information about a man who seemed to live a life of men twice his age in just 25 years. A movie on Tupac can go in a million different directions, kudos to whoever steps up and tries to tell it the right way.

Check out the entire interview below where Hutton and Boom talk about clashing with Hollywood and their ultimate vision of seeing Straight Outta Compton, All Eyez On Me and a forthcoming Death Row Records movie serving as their version of the Marvel Universe. Also, be sure to check out Singleton’s show Rebel on BET as well as his crack era drama Snowfall on FX.