John Singleton‘s unforeseen passing last April shook his fans and peers something serious and though it seemed like just another case of life taking you by surprise, his family is now launching an investigation into what exactly happened before he ended up in hospitalized.

While Hollywood and celebrities mourn the loss of John Singleton, details surrounding his finances are beginning to emerge. The director was reportedly worth $35 million at the time of his passing.

John Singleton passed away on April 29, after suffering a stroke over a week ago that left him in a coma. Hollywood and Hip-Hop stars have been taking to social media to memorialize and remember the game-changing film director.

John Singleton will be taken off of life support today (April 29) according to his family. The renowned director’s family issued a statement confirming the decision.

News of John Singleton’s untimely demise was grossly exaggerated. The Boyz N the Hood director’s publicist says news of his death were inaccurate, but he is reportedly in a medically induced coma.

UPDATED: As of 10am (Apr. 29), TMZ is reporting Singleton is alive but on life support. However, Fox4 is reporting that John Singleton has passed away at 51.

John Singleton continues to fight for his life. The esteemed creative is critically ill and his family is taking precaution.

Add Freeway Rick Ross to the list of people questioning John Singleton’s directorial vision. The former drug kingpin is calling out the director for leaving him out of Snowfall.

John Singleton has inserted himself in the ongoing R. Kelly saga and suggested that the beleaguered singer is being unfairly villainized. The director says that Kelly’s just a man with a “bunch of girlfriends” and not breaking any laws in his alleged sex cult scheme.

While the 2Pac biography film All Eyez On Me has been slammed by celebrities and critics alike, the version that director John Singleton initially envisioned might have suffered a worse fate. Singleton’s 2014 script leaked online, and it includes a perceived rape scene with 2Pac as the victim and a sex scene involving the slain rapper’s […]

All Eyez On Me producers and directors LT Hutton and Benny Boom appeared on The Breakfast Club to set the record straight on the most anticipated film of the summer.


Today’s generation will never truly appreciate John Singleton’s contribution to the culture, but we do. The OG filmmaker who’s responsible for 90’s cult classics such as Boyz N The Hood, Poetic Justice, and Higher Learning, has been quietly doing his TV thing and continuing to add to his already impressive repertoire.